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Miscellaneous pictures

Leonhardsen tackled by a player
Leonhardsen surrounded by his teammates
Ince tripping a player
Owen, Ince & Macca on an away game
Matteo receiving a red card
Ince & Owen eating Snickers
Riedle falling on the ground
Macca & Owen at the Christmas Bash '98
Fowler snorting on the penalty line
Houllier talking with Fowler after Everton match '99
Fowler and his teammates celebrating his goal against Everton
1997-1998 team
Ince celebrating his goal with his teammates
Where's the ball?
Houllier making a face
Fowler subbed
Scholes surrounded by Riedle and Redknapp
Babb & Carragher playing against Leeds United
Houllier and Evans at a conference
Ince tackled by a Man Utd player
Owen and Macca celebrating
Owen and Ince celebrating
Mel C and her 10 shirt

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