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The Liverpool FC ICQ List has chosen ICQ as the preferred method of communication between its members. ICQ empowers members with a means to chat whenever they like and enables them to share ideas, discuss similar interests or anything else. We encourage all members to get ICQ and provide us with their ICQ numbers. We will list the ICQ numbers of all members below, allowing quick contact with members for anyone who may visit this page. All Liverpool FC ICQ members are included in the list below by default. To omit your name from the list please email Ann. Thank you.

ICQ List Name: Liverpool FC ICQ List
Description / Purpose: To contact other Liverpool FC fans
Searchable Keywords: Soccer, Liverpool Football Club, The Reds, Liverpool FC, Premier League, World Soccer, FA Carling Net, Premiership
Relevant Categories: Soccer, Sports
ICQ ListMaster: Ann
Number Of Users: 53
List Created On: 28/02/99
Last Updated On: 03/11/00

To be added to this List: or [PAGE] 5777243
Liverpool FC ICQ List
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Contact Age Location Remarks Language
Jeremy Jerrers 60634221 PAGE|ADD 33 Newbury, Berkshire, England The club itself is great with good honest true supporters English
Duncann Eyes On My Exams 18888481 PAGE|ADD 18 Hong kong, China You'll Never Walk Alone Chinese and English
Steven Rowsell Owen 22753203 PAGE|ADD 18 Hatfield, England N/A English
Lucy Jones luc 29260995 PAGE|ADD N/A N/A Simply SMASHING! English
Lisa Tynan ~*Lisa*~ 27913181 PAGE|ADD 17 N/A What a team! English
Amy Bi Amester 23329010 PAGE|ADD 14 Canada They rock!Go Mighty Reds! English
Frederic Eggenberger Fred 28847567 PAGE|ADD 14 Switzerland I love this club... French & English
Ryan Wiebe Pinko 8920805 PAGE|ADD 22 Canada The best team in Europe French & English
Caleb Leung Soccerwing 24354895 PAGE|ADD 19 Texas, USA I was, I am, and I will be a Liverpool fan! English, Cantonese & Mandarin
Tristen Lew Wannabe 17952303 PAGE|ADD 16 Canada Redknapp and Owen rule! English
Rich Boar YNWA 9817229 PAGE|ADD N/A Oregon, USA walk on, with hope in your heart English
Sapna Patel Britchik 15424539 PAGE|ADD 18 Canada Liverpool rock English
Hendra Tan Han_Family 8183451 PAGE|ADD 29 Indonesia N/A English & Indonesian
sunny loke sunny 12465319 PAGE|ADD 18 Malaysia nice! strong! English
elson ho shu qiang LiTleJacK 11418080 PAGE|ADD 16 Singapore awesome!!!!!! English
Suganda Wihardjo -ſܮ 26157376 PAGE|ADD 14 Indonesia I love Liverpool English & Indonesian

Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Contact Age Location Remarks Language
Lindsay Calhoun ILLiNi GiRL 27367437 PAGE|ADD 14 Illinois, USA I'm a pretty new fan of Liverpool English
Faye Cunliffe baby cham babe 21206094 PAGE|ADD N/A Bermuda I LIVE FOR LIVERPOOL English
Owen Mcmanaman N*sync Nickolas Gene Carter 28442656 PAGE|ADD 14 N/A Liverpool is the best!!! English
Donal Walsh Donal 31535073 PAGE|ADD 17 Ireland I love the 'pool English & French
Leon Lee Chun yu LeoN 22491273 PAGE|ADD 20 Malaysia N/A English & Chinese
Mary Along AnotherYou-MidgetGem 9921060 PAGE|ADD 14 Malaysia N/A English & Malay
Putri Hussnain Hussain unaLFC 13576221 PAGE|ADD 16 Malaysia REDS is the BEST! English & Malay
Annastiina Paavola Gizmo 25946795 PAGE|ADD 15 Finland Liverpool kicks ass!!! English & Finnish
Jason Thompson Jason 15191144 PAGE|ADD N/A USA Fowler & Owen are the greatest strikers English
Alvina Yeo Alky27 13574913 PAGE|ADD N/A Canada The one and only best club in the world! English & French
Kristin Soucey Cheddarcat 23119380 PAGE|ADD 18 Canada N/A English
Nick North NICK 6890825 PAGE|ADD 25 USA N/A English
Nick Irvine Nick 31114737 PAGE|ADD 15 UK Most succesful club in English history English
Payton Wright Phresh 37379261 PAGE|ADD 18 Texas, USA The only club that matters English
Kam Phresh 25528422 PAGE|ADD 32 Beirut, Lebanon Behind you..Against all odds.. English
Joey Lai Joey Owen 24064446 PAGE|ADD N/A N/A Best of the Best!!!! Cantonese & English
Tyler Cummings Snakebite 31261275 PAGE|ADD 27 Ottawa, Canada Mighty Reds Forever English
Andrea Cheung AC 42346619 PAGE|ADD 23 Hong Kong, China Liverpool is the best! English & Cantonese
Deborah Hampton Anfield Girl 39869584 PAGE|ADD 31 Bournemouth,Dorset, England Walk on boys we can be the best again!!!!!!! English
mikaela* Louanglath KillaBabe* 16711096 PAGE|ADD 16 Australia Liverpool is da bomb English
Stephen Yar aciDig 21538942 PAGE|ADD 19 Singapore N/A English
Sarah McManaman 42044508 PAGE|ADD 18 N/A Kopgirl forever English
hasna karmy- jones biddy 23942612 PAGE|ADD 18 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada i think they are a great team! English
Norman Buhagiar nbuh 50344050 PAGE|ADD 39 Malta LFC are the greatest team English
John Kennedy Agent 007 28005234 PAGE|ADD 17 Ireland The sleeping giant English & little French
Tarrant Moore Genesis 35317762 PAGE|ADD N/A Brisbane, Australia N/A N/A

Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Contact Age Location Remarks Language
Nouchka Nouchka 54889806 PAGE|ADD 19 Arnhem,The Netherlands Simply the best!!! English, French, German, Dutch
Jamie Jay 37822383 PAGE|ADD 19 Liverpool LFC - Number 1! English
Preecha Thongrattanavong Jamie 15249021 PAGE|ADD 25 Bangkok, Thailand N/A English, Thai
Astrea Aurelia Lengkong Astrea 40147871 PAGE|ADD 17 Virginia, USA Liverpool is the best! English, Indonesian
Lee Cher Wee Why Too Care 15003377 PAGE|ADD 19 Malaysia The best club in the world! English, Chinese
N/A WiLdRaNGeR 68838371 PAGE|ADD 17 Izmir, Turkey You will never walk alone English, Turkish
Angel AnGeL_michaelowen_Westlife 26001830 PAGE|ADD 13 Hong Kong Michael Owen is the best striker 4eva! English, Cantonese, French and Japanese
Patrick Lin Lp 28637389 PAGE|ADD 24 Vancouver, Canada Liverpool Supporter Forever!! English
Nik Hodson :(NUGGET:( 86897831 PAGE|ADD 14 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia LFC RULES English
Mindy Gitmanowan Owen Maniac 81228532 PAGE|ADD 16 Bangkok, Thailand Michael Owen's the best, forget the rest! English, Spanish, Thai
Teguh Dwi Poetranto TDP 92062206 PAGE|ADD 23 Indonesia the greatest RED TEAM in the world English, Indonesian

Liverpool FC ICQ List
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Contact Remarks Language

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